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Water heaters for a changing world. This website shows you how amazing our products are and how affordable they are. It absolutely makes sense right now to change your water heater now. We are the best value In America.

All Units include fluepPipe kits ,Remote controller with diagnostics, and an anti-freeze device. All at no Extra Charge!

Greenworks Tankless Water Heater
ECOHOT is ECO Friendly
  • CSA Certifications
  • Energy Star (Click for Energy Savings Calculator)
  • Balance Flue Added Value (No Combustible Air Needed for indoor models)
  • Remote Control comes with all units (Free of Charge)
  • Stainless steel cover
  • Federal Tax Credit $300 (MoreNews)

EnergyStar Rated
EcoHot Tank-less Water Heaters
Save Up to 50% Over Competitors